House Price Change 10 Years (Inflation-Adjusted) in Serbia compared to Europe

Last updated June, 2024
Estonia 77.40%
Hungary 51.26%
Austria 50.87%
Luxembourg 49.92%
Malta 48.33%
Latvia 43.06%
Germany 41.25%
Sweden 38.71%
Czech Rep. 31.38%
Norway 29.42%
Ireland 18.63%
Switzerland 16.92%
Slovak Rep. 15.71%
Turkey 13.88%
Denmark 12.45%
Belgium 10.66%
Poland 8.69%
UK 8.03%
Lithuania 7.93%
Bulgaria 7.39%
France 5.27%
Netherlands 5.19%
Slovenia 5.04%
Croatia 3.71%
Montenegro n.a.*
Finland n.a.*
Portugal n.a.*
Romania -9.22%
Italy -21.45%
Spain -21.76%
Cyprus -24.33%
Greece -34.02%

Serbia has semi-annual statistics on prices of dwellings of new construction. This data is published by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia. General economics statistics can be found at the National Bank of Serbia and the Ministry of Finance and Economics..

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