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Portugal’s house price boom continues strong

Portugal’s housing prices continue to rise strongly, fuelled by low interest rates as well as improved economic conditions.

Property prices rising strongly again in US Virgin Islands

After taking a temporary setback from the 2017 hurricanes, US Virgin Islands’ housing market is now growing strongly again.

Hong Kong’s property market remains resilient, but uncertainty persists

Over the past decade, Hong Kong’s residential property prices have skyrocketed by 243% (153% inflation-adjusted)

New Zealand’s amazing house price boom

New Zealand’s house prices are rising rapidly again, the impact of the ban on foreign homebuyers having waned.

Romanian housing market growing strongly

Romania’s house prices continue to rise strongly. The economy is growing well, but in the context of a worryingly inflationary environment.


Investment Analysis

Q3 2019: The global house price boom continues strong, especially in Europe, but sharp slowdown in North America, the Middle East and some parts of Asia-Pacific

Underlying economic trends do not appear to favour a continuation of the property price boom. North America seems likely at the tail-end of its long economic expansion.

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