Europe: Real price changes, 5 years (%)

The percentage changes in real (inflation-adjusted) house prices (or the house price index) over 5 years using the latest data available.

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Source: Various sources

Last updated June, 2024
Hungary 89.73%
Malta 41.58%
Portugal 40.05%
Luxembourg 39.36%
Slovenia 38.84%
Czech Rep. 36.99%
Ireland 32.82%
Netherlands 31.48%
Slovak Rep. 30.43%
Germany 29.70%
Poland 29.03%
Bulgaria 26.00%
Croatia 24.44%
Romania 23.82%
Sweden 22.21%
Estonia 21.91%
Latvia 17.30%
Denmark 14.56%
Austria 13.99%
Lithuania 13.25%
France 8.88%
Belgium 8.31%
Spain 7.32%
Norway 6.71%
Greece 5.05%
UK 4.25%
Cyprus 4.16%
Finland -0.61%
Turkey -2.79%
Switzerland -3.68%
Italy -7.86%
Montenegro -17.63%
*n.a. means there is not enough data to show a valid result

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The data is sourced from global real estate sites, governmental organizations, and statistical bureaus. It is then analyzed by our team. For more details on the price change data, visit the specific country page.