Yields poor in Moscow, good for very small apartments in St. Petersburg

June 24, 2014

Last Updated: Jun.24, 2014

MOSCOW - Apartments COST (€) YIELD (p.a.) PRICE/SQ.M. (€)
75 sq. m. 754,800 2,417 3.84% 10,064 32.22
120 sq. m. 1,423,920 3,820 3.22% 11,866 31.83
160 sq. m. 2,152,160 5,498 3.07% 13,451 34.36
275 sq. m. 4,016,650 11,437 3.42% 14,606 41.59
ST. PETERSBURG - Apartments
60 sq. m. 231,600 1,196 6.20% 3,860 19.94
120 sq. m. 586,320 2,129 4.36% 4,886 17.74
175 sq. m. 1,155,700 3,330


6,604 19.03
Districts researched:
Moscow: Patriarchy Ponds, Arbat Area, Chystye Prudy, Khamovniki, Presnensky, Tishinskaya Square (Tishinka), Tverskoy (Tverskaya)
St. Petersburg: Centralnyi, Vasileostrovski, Petrogradskii, Aptekarsky Oastrov
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An apartment in an elite neighborhood in Moscow costs on average EUR 10,000 to EUR 14,500 per sq. m. If you have a million Euros, you can only buy a small apartment. A 75 sq.m. apartment costs on average EUR 750,000 or EUR 10,000 per sq.m.

Monthly rents per sq.m. in Moscow range from EUR 32 to EUR 41. This means that a 120 sq.m. apartment can be rented out for around EUR 3,800 per month.

In St. Petersburg, prices per sq.m. of apartments range from EUR 3,860 to EUR 6,600. This means that a 120 sq. m. apartment costs on average EUR 590,000 or EUR 4,900 per sq. m.

Monthly rents per sq. m. in St. Petersburg range from EUR 18 to EUR 20. This means that a 120 sq.m. apartment can be rented out for around EUR 2,100 per month.

Gross rental yields from apartments if fully rented range from 3.07% to 3.82% in Moscow, while in St. Petersburg, rental yields range from 3.46% to 6.20%.

Round trip transaction costs can be very high for foreigners buying residential property in Russia.  See our  Russia residential property transaction costs analysis Italy residential property transaction costs analysis and our Residential property transaction costs in Russia compared to other countries


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