Moderate rental yields in Santiago

Last Updated: Dec. 31, 2018
60 sq. m. 221,820 743 4.02% 3,697 12.38
85 sq. m. 298,520 993 3.99% 3,512 11.68
120 sq. m. 390,720 1,336 4.10% 3,256 11.13
All yields are gross - i.e., before taxes, repair costs, ground rents, estate agents fees, and any other costs. Net yields (what you´ll really earn) are typically around 1.5% to 2% lower.
Santiago: Barrio Lastarria, Barrio Brasil, Bellavista, Club de Golf La Dehesa, El Golf, Las Condes, La Reina, Metro Alcantara, Metro Escuela Militar, Nunuoa, Providencia, Vitacura
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It is obviously impossible to summarise the many different price-ranges and yields in Chile´s capital, Santiago.  Our research covered the richer districts of Barrio Lastarria - a popular tourist hub and a historic district; Barrio Brasil - with its strong artistic and cultural scene and many universities; Bellavista, known as Santiago´s bohemian quarter, with avant-garde galleries, bars and clubs, host to many of the city´s intellectuals and artists; La Dehesa; El Golf; Las Condes, with its upscale population; La Reina, which consistently ranks in the top 5 districts for quality of life; Metro Alcantara; Metro Escuela Militar; Nunuoa; Providencia; and Vitacura. 

We found great variations but the overall results was pretty clear, that a square metre of residential property in such upscale districts tends to go for around $3,200 to $3,700 and to command a rental yield of around 4%.

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