Rental incomes in Martinique - Fort-de-France rental yields range from 5.12% to 5.60%

Last Updated: Mar. 31, 2014
FORT-DE-FRANCE - Apartments COST (US$) YIELD (p.a.) PRICE/SQ.M. (US$)
35 sq. m. 123,935 762 7.38% 3,541 21.77
60 sq. m. 202,920 1,040 6.15% 3,382 17.34
120 sq. m. 339,360 1,781 6.30% 2,828 14.84
FORT-DE-FRANCE- Apartments
125 sq. m. 433,000 n.a. n.a. 3,464 n.a.
250 sq. m. 643,250 n.a. n.a. 2,573 n.a.
COASTAL Apartments
30 sq. m. 134,430 694 6.19% 4,481 23.12
50 sq. m. 204,100 977 5.74% 4,082 19.53
120 sq. m. 472,560 2,010 5.10% 3,938 16.75
75 sq. m. 330,600 n.a. n.a. 4,408 n.a.
150 sq. m. 617,850 n.a. n.a. 4,119 n.a.
Coastal areas: Le Diamant, Les Trois-Îlets, Sainte-Anne and Sainte-Luce
Source: Global Property Guide

Martinique property prices have somewhat fallen. The current average price per square metre of properties in Martinique is US$3,600, while last year it was US$4,100. The downward trend in property prices is observable for Fort-de-France apartments and houses, as well as for apartments and houses located in the coastal areas such as Le Diamant, Les Trois-Îlets, Sainte-Anne, and Sainte-Luce.

The decline in prices, however, has not fully been reflected in lower rents. So rental yields of coastal apartments have risen from 4.35% to 5.48%. An 80-sq m apartment last year earned 'poor' rental yields of 4.20%. The same apartment might today earn 'moderate' rental yields, of 5.16%.

Our sample size of houses this year was small, and we did not have enough cases to sample house rents.

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