Argentina: rental yields are moderate

October 20, 2016

Last Updated: Oct. 20, 2016
BUENOS AIRES - Apartments COST (US$) YIELD (p.a.) PRICE/SQ.M. (US$)
30 sq. m. 101,550 411 4.85% 3,385 13.69
50 sq. m. 160,550 757 5.66% 3,211 15.14
75 sq. m. 278,925 1,114 4.79% 3,719 14.85
120 sq. m. 399,240 1,490 4.48% 3,327 12.42
Districts researched
Buenos Aires: Recoleta, Palermo, Puerto Madero, Retiro, Las Cañitas
Gran Buenos Aires: Olivos, Martinez, San Isidro, Vicente Lopez, Tigre
Source: Global Property Guide Definitions: Data FAQ See also: Update Schedule

Gross rental yields on apartments in Buenos Aires are moderate, especially by the standards of the continent (yields in Latin America tend to be high).  The typical gross rental yield on an apartment in Buenos Aires - the rental return earned on the purchase price, before taxation, vacancy costs, and other costs - isn´t something that will attract foreigners to invest, even if they could get a mortgage in Argentina, which they won´t be able to. 

Yields on apartments in Buenos Aires `range from 4.5% to 5.6%.  Last year we were surprised to find that rental yields on houses were somewhat higher, but we don´t have enough information this year to know whether this is still true.


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