Income tax on rent, worked example, in Nicaragua

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Non-resident couple's joint income1
Monthly Rental Income2 1,500 6,000 12,000
Annual Rental Income 18,000 72,000 144,000
Less Expenses3 30 5,400 21,600 43,200
= Taxable Income US$12,600 US$50,400 US$100,800
Income Tax4
Flat rate 15% 1,890 7,560 15,120
Annual Income Tax Due 1,890 7,560 15,120
Tax Due as % of Gross Income 10.50% 10.50% 10.50%
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1 The property is jointly owned by husband and wife, but then taxed separately (50% upon each partner).

2 Exchange rate used: 1.00 US$ = 28.50 NIO

3 A standard deduction of 30% of the gross rent is available to nonresidents earning rental income to account for income-generating expenses.

4 Nonresident individuals earning rental income are taxed at a flat rae of 15%, withheld by the tenant. Only 70% of the rental incomeearned by nonresidents is taxed.