The graceful white marble sails of the Sydney Opera House are often the first thing that comes to mind about the city of Sydney. But there is more to this large harbour city than its most famous symbol. Sydney is Australia’s largest, oldest, and most diverse city. It is a busy, cosmopolitan urban area bustling with activity every hour of the day and night.

Sydney is a sophisticated, multicultural city. It also offers quite good value. Food and drink, entertainment and accommodations are on the whole more affordable here compared to other major international cities. There is no shortage of excellent shops, restaurants, cafés and sights to see in the daytime, and the night comes alive when Sydney’s bars and clubs open for business in the evenings.

The city is also not lacking in celebrations. The Harbour lights up with spectacular fireworks on New Year, and the streets become colourful and lively with the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival in February or March.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge adds to the city’s breathtaking views. Braving the dizzying Bridge Climb rewards one with a stunning panorama of the city proper and the surfing waves of Bondi Beach.

Gardens and parks abound in the city proper, including the Royal Botanical Gardens along Mrs Macquarie’s Road, the Chinese Garden in Darling Harbour, and Hyde Park in the central business district.