Where to buy property in Hoc Mon, Vietnam

Publication by the Global Property Guide research team.

Hóc Môn is a district of Ho Chi Minh City. It is made up of 11 wards: Xuân Thi Sơn, Bà Đim, Đông Thnh, Xuân Thi Sơn, Nh Bình, Xuân Thi Thượng, Tân Hip, Thi Tam Thôn, Trung Chánh, Tân Xuân, Tân Thi Nhì, and Xuân Thi Đông. Hoc Mon has one township by the same name. The district used to have 7 more wards but this was split to create District 12.

"Hóc Môn" translates to “the corner/alley with taro” because settlers on this once swampland found a great deal of taro growing here.