The west-central region of Doukkala-Abda is a largely agricultural plain. One of its attractions is the historic fortified city of Mazagan, now part of the city of El Jadida. Another important town is Safi, which has a busy port.

The capital of Doukkala-Abda is Safi.

Key residential areas
El Jadida, Safi

El Jadida

The fashionable town of El Jadida still retains remnants of its long and varied history, especially the well-preserved passageways and barricade in its old Portuguese village, Medina. Under the name Mazagan, it was dominated by the Portuguese from 1506 until 1769. It was renamed El Jadida, meaning “new,” by the 19th century Sultan Abd er Rahman, following its resettlement by Jews from Azemmour. Under French occupation, it became a major administrative centre and a popular seaside resort.

The beach of El Jadida is still the main attraction here. Spreading southeast from the town, it is one of the most visited beaches in all of Morocco, with Moroccans from Casablanca, Marrakesh and even as far as Tangier or Fès flocking to it in the summer. In peak season, the bars are crowded and the promenade is crowded. It occasionally gets polluted by the ships that some into the port, though. An alternative beach is Phare Sidi Ouafi, which has a wider strip of sand and attracts many families. Just 2 km away is a more fashionable beach, the Plage Sidi Bouzid, where some hip restaurants and elegant villas can be found.


Located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, Safi is blessed with ocean breezes and a cool, pleasant climate, with winters that are much milder than in the interior desert regions. Safi is a popular seaside resort town as well as the primary fishing port for the Moroccan sardine industry. It is also known for exporting phosphates, textiles and ceramics.

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