At one point, District 2 (a prime area) in Thu Thiem was one of the poorer areas of Ho Chi Minh City. In recent years, the area has been getting a lot of attention from developers and investors.

The agricultural workers that once lived here were forced to relocate as villas and multi-level residences gradually replaced their thatched homes. District 2 is now being touted as a new exclusive area for the wealthiest in the city, and will also become a chic economic centre with more skyscrapers filling the skyline.

The neighbourhood of An Phu is a popular choice for expatriates as it is near schools such as the Canadian and German International Schools.

An Phu (Thao Dien area)

An Phu is located in District 2. Many expats like to live here because it is relatively quiet and safe. It is divided into two wards: Thao Dien and An Khanh. Thao Dien is more popular with families with children as it is near the international schools and it has the An Phu supermarket.

An Phu features beautiful villas and apartments. Most houses have a garden and a swimming pool, and some apartments have a swimming pool and fitness facilities. There are community amenities such as tennis courts, fitness centres, and playgrounds.