Where to buy property in District 12, Vietnam

Publication by the Global Property Guide research team.

Ho Chi Minh’s District 12 has a number of historically and culturally relevant landmarks. Tuong Quang Pagoda was constructed in 1942 to urge Buddhist followers to support the revolution financially and through mobilization. Khanh An Pagoda was used as a meeting place in the war against the French between 1930 and 1954. It has a beautiful complex, with a central pavilion surrounded by a pond of blossoming lotus flowers.

A more modern site of interest is the Quang Trung Software Park. It has a software training school and a residential area with high-speed Internet access. Along with the Hi-tech Park in District 9, it is a result of Vietnam’s goals to become a prominent, technologically advanced country and to equal countries like India in the outsourcing industry.