A global survey conducted by U.S. real estate services firm Colliers International reveals that the majority of property investors are planning to purchase real estate in the next 12 months because they expect fewer vacancies and increased tenant demand -- and thus higher rents.

Sixty percent of the respondents say that they are planning to buy property in their local markets at some point in the next year. Investors looking abroad for investment opportunities are favoring Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, London, New York, Washington, Chicago and San Francisco.

Colliers notes higher confidence among investors now than six months ago, though many of course still feel that property markets are and will remain uncertain.

The investors feel that rents for offices, stores and other commercial buildings have already rebounded after hitting rock-bottom, and are optimistic about property income growth and higher prices. Around 75% or the respondents also feel that double dip recessions are unlikely, and a slightly higher percentage feel that the availability of debt finance will either remain the same or increase in the next year.

Source: Bloomberg