For 2010, the highest monthly price increase for the standard-type apartment in Riga, Latvia was in January (4.6%). In September the growth was an insignificant 0.3% , with an average value of €614 per square metre.  This is still a 62% decrease from the highest price level for such apartments in July 2007 (€1620 per square metre) and a 34.3% decrease from prices in January 2009.

The highest price increase in September was observed in Bolderāja (0.8%), with a tiny price decrease in Ķengarags and Vecmīlgrāvis (0.2%). In housing estates, the average prices of apartments had similarly small increases or decreases of less than 1% from the month before.

In September 2010 the number of apartments’ proposals for sale increased from the previous month in both the largest housing estates reviewed by Arco Real Estate (+7.8%) and other housing estates of Riga (+4.5%). The total proposals number in September increased by 3.7%. The highest number of offers in September were in Purvciems, Ķengarags, Pļavnieki and Imanta; the lowest in Bolderāja and Zolitūde.