In June 2010  prices for standard-type apartments in Riga increased on average by 0.2%, an insignificant price increase - i.e., previous increases have stalled.

Since September 2009, average Riga prices have increased by 23.6%, but the middle of 2010 seems a period of general apartment price stabilization.  There have been minor variations, of course - prices of so-called “most liquid” series apartments are slightly up, prices for the cheap Lithuanian project and Khrushchev-era houses fallen in some housing estates.

The prices for standard-type apartments are up an average of 15.5% since the beginning of 2010. Jugla and Āgenskalns outperfomed with 19% increases, while Pļavnieki saw only 12% increases.

In June, the number of offers-for-sale fell 5.1%, compared to a 12.4% increase in May, the first decrease after five months of increase.

These trends seem to indicate a turning point in Riga's market.  After the crash and then the wave of opportunistic buying, the market appears to be stabilizing.