Desperate to attract foreign investors to revive its catastrophically hard-hit economy, the Latvian government has eased restrictions on non-EU applicants.

The changes, which take effect on July 1, allow five-year residence permits to citizens of countries outside the EU if they invest at least 25,000 lats (35,000 euros) in a local company, or if they own expensive property in the country.

The change have sparked outrage.  They're letting in the Russians! 

Indeed...what could be worse?  One has to sympathize, its just like the Danes with the Germans. Better keep these people at a nice safe distance than have too much 'co-mingling of races' and its associated tensions.

Latvia's economy has been one of the worst hit in the EU, with wages shrinking by 12% in the final quarter of 2009 and unemployment at nearly 23% – the highest in the 27-nation bloc.

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