Multimillionaire property developer Andreas Panayiotou believes that the UK buy-to-let market is on its way to recovery. “Residential property is very safe,” he says. “It will be good long term. There's a shortage of housing, and developers have stopped building.”

Panayiotou has a pretty good track record of predicting the market. In 2006, he warned of a crash and began cashing in his £1 billion portfolio. And just as he forecast, property prices dropped by more than 20% from 2007 to 2009. In 2009, Panayiotou went back to buying, believing that he would make more money from rent than from the bank. The market recovered, with prices rising by 10% in the year to April.

He may be focusing on hotels now, but Panayiotou, 44, built his fortune in the buy-to-let market. He advises investors to put down a 35% deposit, buy properties that are 30% less than peak, and get a rental income yield of 7%. He also expects capital increases of 1% to 2% a year.