Portugal's ability to reduce its budget deficit has meant that attention has been deflected away from the unbelievable value that is now available to those thinking about a retirement  property or a property that will produce an income long term.

Many owners are keen to realise the value of their property by selling them now. This has created a great opportunity for buyers, allowing them to pick up excellent 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom apartments or houses near the beach or inland at prices that were unattainable 1 year ago.

For sellers, it's a painful time because they might not be able to realise full value on their investment.

For those who do not need to sell right now, there are still a few things they need to do:

First, ensure that the house is in the right condition to sell. Clean, paint, de-clutter and get it ship shape. Second, it's about location, so ensure you market how it connects to local services, schools, transport networks and shopping facilities. If you are selling a remote property you need to tap into the location, nature, attractions and the quality of life. If there are any problems, sort them out or be upfront about them and offer a small discount. If you have a garden, get it in shape even if it means tidying it up or investing in some new plants. A garden can add to 25 % to the selling value of your property.

Additionally, if your agent does not list your property properly with full pictures get this done yourself and distribute these pictures to everybody you know and online.

Central Portugal offers a lifestyle and cost of living that is unbeatable in Portugal and currently is still 20% cheaper than the Algarve, Lisbon, Silver Coast or anywhere else.