Taiwan's unhappy property owners

April 04, 2011

Last Updated: Apr. 04, 2011
TAIPEI - Apartmentts COST (US$) YIELD (p.a.) PRICE/SQ.M. (US$)
40 sq. m. 358,680 764 2.46% 8,967 18.35
75 sq. m. 452,100 876 1.94% 7,228 11.68
120 sq. m. 853,440 1,117 1.57% 7,112 9.31
200 sq. m. 1,852,200 2,266 1.47% 9,261 11.33
Districts researched:
Anhe Rd , Dunhua Rd, Renai Rd, Tian Mu, Xinyi District
Source: Global Property Guide Definitions: Data FAQ See also: Update Schedule

Taipei now vies with Monaco for having the lowest yields in the world.  With buying prices per square metre averaging a steller US$7,200 to US$9,200, depending on size, and rents still affordable (where else can you rent a US$1.8 million home for just US$2,200 per month?), Taipei is not a happy place for landlords.

The owner of an apartment in Taipei will be lucky to realize 2% yields, except on the very smallest apartments.  Given that the Global Property Guide’s figures are for gross rental yields, i.e., do not make any allowance for vacant periods, for legal costs, administration costs, cleaning and repairs, rental taxes, property taxes, and other taxes, it is safe to say that landlords in Taiwan earn nothing on their apartments.

We believe apartments in Taipei are overvalued - and will fall in price. But we should warn readers that we can get it wrong! 



Alan Stout | August 17, 2010

I am looking for data on rental property price trends for Taipei and/or Taiwan over the past 5 to 10 years on a percentage basis. I am interested to know much rent property has increased / decreased over this time frame.

Valentino Hsiao | November 07, 2013

Taiwanese property buyers and owners expect much more on capital gain than cash flow from rent, so they would never get "unhappy", since the housing price skyrocketed over the last decade.

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